The puddings, roasts and breads of regional Easter feasts – Mint Lounge

This weekend, communities and chefs are preparing to celebrate with meat dishes and tipsy desserts

Naga chef Karen Yepthomi’s Easter Sunday is invariably marked by an Easter egg hunt, organised by parents or schools, after the special church service. “The joy of finding Easter eggs is so special,” she says. The special menu at Yepthomi’s Delhi-based restaurant, Dzukou Tribal Kitchen, has ingredients sourced from Nagaland. It features devilled eggs in Naga king chilli sauce,rosella cocktail and grilled pork chops. Fresh rosella flowers and leaves are abundantly available during springtime in Nagaland.

In Mizoram, Easter eggs are distributed among churchgoers on Sunday. After the morning service, there’s a tea party in the church premises, with cakes, puffs and cutlets. While a church in the state capital Aizawl serves contemporary snacks or samosas, smaller towns and villages serve local dishes like chhangban, a snack made with sticky rice flour, steamed in banana leaves and served with jaggery. Even the rice has a mild sweetness that pairs well with tea.

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