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Delhi’s onion-layered history is mirrored deliciously in its diverse and dynamic cuisine. Cosmopolitan Delhi-ites crave fine food like plants crave sunshine, and the city’s food scene trots the globe. From tiny hole-in-the-wall restaurants to fine dining and quirky cafes, this really is a city with something to please everyone. Here are some eateries in the Indian capital that reflect its eclectic personality. 

Live the Naga life at Dzukou Tribal Kitchen

For a slice of India’s rugged northeast, walk up three floors in Hauz Khas Market. At Dzukou Tribal Kitchen ( copious amounts of traditional rice beer wash down tangy curries, sticky rice and spicy relish from India’s least explored quarter. For adventurous palates, they serve raja mirchi chutney, rated high on the Scoville chilli scale, but the Nagaland style ribs are arguably the showstopper. The interior is kitted out in unpretentious wood, bamboo and brick, and upbeat live bands add evening ambience.

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