Chic and Authentic

Traditional Naga Menu

From Humble Beginnings

The restaurant’s name derives from the Dzukou valley in Nagaland and permeates throughout its business, from a bespoke Naga interior.

Dzükou does not claim to be a new hotspot in the burgeoning food scene around the vicinity of Hauz Khas; rather, it emphasizes on having a fresh take on fine dining in a traditional ambience by catering to an exclusive clientele composed of the young and the old alike.

If you are heading out to partake in Delhi’s busy nightlife, Dzükou is the spot on to start your evenings. It is the ideal place to enjoy a bottle of beer and stretch your evening into the night.

Meet the Owner

A native of Nagaland, Karen Yepthomi was exposed to many culinary adventures having lived in Delhi for more than 18 years, and travelled extensively across South-east Asia. Intrigued by different cultures and cuisines, she accepted the opportunity and found a home in Delhi; during this time she fully realized her love of cooking and decided to pursue a culinary career.

In 2011, Karen opened Dzukou Tribal Kitchen. Influenced by the emerging North-Eastern food scene in the city, Karen quickly adapted to the demands of the restaurant to put Naga cuisine on the culinary map of Delhi.

At Dzukou, Karen uses a select combination of the finest and freshest ingredients indigenously sourced from Nagaland that taste great and speak out of their uniquely wholesome and nutritional nature. She also promotes the culture of Nagaland. With musical evenings, Fashion shows & Book launches.

Karen believes that it is also her responsibility to contribute to the community that she belongs to in whatever little way she can. She has created employment opportunities in her kitchen to the youth from the North-East.

Karen Yepthomi, Chef  & Owner- Dzukou Tribal Kitchen


Whenever there is a dull and stifling in the town, and people run out of lofty interests, folks in Nagaland pack their bags and heads toward Dzukou Valley. The memorable trek is an uphill climb but once they reach the valley, scenic natural beauty and placid lakes await them.

The hushed atmosphere and the well adorned old-fashioned deck – minimalistic with its atypical charm with a Naga theme complete with bamboo-woven blinds and the smell of smoked meat wafting through the passageways, gives an artist’s rendition of a traditional Naga kitchen.

Diners can sip on their drinks while relaxing to the sounds of tribal to western music.

Locally Sourced & Organic Ingredients

A rich accumulation of Naga recipes evolved over the course of time, retaining the Naga traditional way of cooking