Chic and authentic with a traditional Naga menu, Dzükou Tribal Kitchen – is located in Hauz Khas Market in the heart of Delhi. The restaurant’s name derives from the Dzukou valley in Nagaland and permeates throughout its business, from a bespoke Naga interior to the fresh and authentic Naga cuisine.

Dzükou does not claim to be a new hotspot in the burgeoning food scene around the vicinity of Hauz Khas; rather, it emphasizes on having a fresh take on fine dining in a traditional ambience by catering to an exclusive clientele composed of the young and the old alike. If you are heading out to partake in Delhi’s busy nightlife, Dzükou is the spot to start your evenings. It is the ideal place to enjoy a bottle of beer and stretch your evening into the night.




Fresh & Authentic Naga Cuisine

Dzükou presents a harmonious blend of traditional and authentic Naga cuisine in its menu combined with great warmth and geniality and an ambiance that immerses diners into a lusciously rich and memorable experience. The menu is a rich accumulation of Naga recipes evolved over the course of time and retains the Naga traditional way of cooking while using organic produce and exotic Naga ingredients like Naga spring onions, Naga beans and lentils, wild mushrooms, yam and banana flowers, tree tomatoes, Naga King chillies and prickly ash peppers, fermented soy bean paste, fleshy bamboo shoots and a host of other aromatic Naga spices and local flavors.